SI Diego Cavieres

Diego2Diego learned to fly with Orange Flight Training whilst working at Orange High School as a Student Teacher in music, and has now commenced part time instructing after completing his Instructor Rating with us. Like the other guys, Diego is "home grown", so students will be able to transfer from one instructor to another as seamlessly as possible.

In between time, he's completed his PPL in Australia, and his CPL in his native country of Chile, and is currrently working to complete his Aussie CPL. Recently, Diego accepted a full time position with Central West Flying at Bathurst, and that required him to move to Bathurst. He did this early 2019, with his new fiancee Agata! Congrats and best wishes, Diego.

Even though he works for our sister organisation (which started as a satellite of Orange Flight Training!), we've actually seen more of Diego instructing in Orange since he moved to Bathurst! Contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..