The Team

The OFT Staff

On 1 July 2018, Bryan Clements took over from Ken Pidcock as proprietor and Chief Flying Instructor of the business. Bryan will be running the school in conjunction with his accountancy practice, and has John McKenzie as Senior Instructor, and Diego Cavieres, CFI of Central West Flying at Bathurst, available to assist with training.

Both Bryan and John are available weekdays and weekends by appointment, and will be training an additional Instructor, Angus McIntosh, during the latter part of 2018. The third member of the team is Instructor Diego Cavieres who lives in Sydney, but travels to Orange fairly often.

All our instructors are "home grown" - that is they all learned to fly and gained their Instructor Rating with OFT. This translates into a flexible, consistent standard of training. You can be sure that material and techniques are identical, and only the individual's personal instructing style will vary.