Training Aircraft

Orange Flight Training operates a Jabiru 160C Aircraft, and has access to a Jabiru 230 D.

Jabiru Aircraft are Australian designed and manufactured aircraft, made in Bundaberg, Queensland. They produce a range of factory built and kit built aircraft, and are exported to many countries in the world.

They are an excellent training aircraft, being rugged, responsive and reliable, and parts are readily available within a few days. A recent take off accident destroyed our first Jabiru 160, and the fact that both occupants suffered only minor bruising is testament to the strength and integrity of the aircraft's cabin area.

The Jabiru 160C is a two seat, high wing, composite (fibreglass/resin) aircraft, powered by a purpose build Jabiru four cylinder, four stroke, horizontally opposed air cooled engine producing 85 HP. The engine pulls the aircraft along at 100 knots (185 km/h) by a direct coupled laminated timber propeller. You can learn more about the aircraft on the Jabiru Aircraft website. Maximum take off weight is 540 kg.

Our aircraft was fitted with a new, current specification engine, in late 2015, with all the latest developments designed to make it super-reliable, and not subject to any restrictions. The engines have a 2000 hour TBO (Time Before Overhaul), or working life, which is around 5 years in an average flying school.

8747 1 320The Jabiru 230D is of a similar construction, with a longer fuselage and wing, and powered by a six cylinder 120 HP engine. It's still a two seater, but has a large cargo space with a rear door access which suits the transport of bulky materials. Maximum take off weight is 600 kg. This aircraft has recently had it's engine upgraded to the current specifications.